Hello guys, Today on the Hot seat is a very beautiful lady. 
She is a very simple and open minded damsel. Cultured, Down to earth, Mannered, Reserved but very engaging. 
A typical queen capable of making you bow and worship her 
Her smile melts the heart and her honesty makes you fall in love instantly
She is that special kinda lady.
The type that you only wanna take home to mama.
She is  Lisa Peters

Enjoy !!!!

TILB: Hello Gorgeous
LISA: Hey Tony,

TILB:Welcome to hot seat Mondays. Are you ready to feel the heat
LISA: Bring it on

TILB: Who is Lisa Peters
LISA: My name is Elizabeth Nkwor Peters. I am from Delta state. Agbor Umunede to be precise, Ika North East. I am currently serving in Minna, Niger State. I graduated from Delta State University, Abraka. I studied Animal and environmental biology, 2013 set. I should have gone for service but i had issues with NYSC over State of origin so I lost 2 years before i could rectify it but within that 2 years, i studied catering and hotel management. I studied that for some months before I moved over to web design and web development and that is what I am currently practicing now.

TILB:Wow, that good, so you can cook for your future hubby in this age of "WIFE NOT COOK"?
LISA: why not? I love cooking and ordinarily, I cook for other people and enjoy having people come over and eat my food so why wont i cook for my husband? I will cook for my husband. its something I find joy doing and I also had to learn to be a professional and it really improved me because as at today, I cook continental and intercontinental dishes, Even locally, You know its not just about being a good cook, its about knowing how to cook for your husband because you dont know which tribe marriage will take you. I cook food of every tribe, be it Amala, Ewedu, Gbegiri, Edikaikon, Efo-riro, Efo-elegusi, Nsala Soup, Oha soup, Afang soup, Ogbono soup, Bitter leaf, Ata din di, name them. The only tribe that I may have problem with cooking is Hausa's I am yet to learn how to make Hausa dishes.

TILB: So Papa Adeboye is right after all? You are a wife material. Can you pray for 1 Hour nonstop?
LISA:(Laughs) Nooooooooo. I cant pray for that long ooo. 1 hour prayer? I am a mountain of fire member so when they say lets pray at church I can comfortably do that and I have done that countless times in church but at home? NO !!  what will I be saying for 1 whole hour? God is not deaf naa. 10mins is enough for me to privately talk to God and he listens and answers me. The longest I have prayed should be 30mins and its on  rare occasions but i dont want to say papa Adeboye is wrong because i understand where he is coming from. A woman should be able to stand in the gap for the home and for her husband. The only place I fault him was saying that his church members should never marry from another church. I really dont understand it. It breaks my heart the level of segregation in Christianity. A Muslim can always walk into any mosque and pray but that isn't the case with Christians. I stay with my mum and siblings at ikorodu and when attending church service, it is very far, we have to trek to the bus-stop and board a bus, we cross many churches but we cant enter. its really painful.

TILB:What was your childhood like?

LISA: I grew up too fast, even at 14 I could pass for an 18yr old girl, I am tall, very tall, always at the back in the assembly ground, people gave me nick names like Dongo, agunbaniran, tally, longy. growing up was fun with my brothers, I have two biological brothers and one adopted and am the only girl, spent all my secondary days in the boarding house except for long hols.
Always indoors, loved playing games, played ps a lot while growing up especially crash,mortal combat hated soccer still do though

TILB: What has been the highest point in your life so far
LISA: Qualifying as a certified professional Web designer / developer

TILB: what has been the lowest?
LISA:  Going for service after two years All my mates are busy doing one great thing or the other and am serving
TILB: Have you ever been heart broken?
LISA: Yes, severally

TILB:  Can you tell me about the one that hurt the most
LISA: Dated a guy, he was working in Apapa when I met him, he's  insecure, he felt all ladies loved him cus of his money or whatever and I was one of them, I tried changing that impression, all to no avail, he lost his job, things became worse, he still wanted to take me to those nice places, one day he called me and told me he was coming to my house, I told him not to come that I wld visit him ,the following week that he should Chilll,  he asked  why and I jokingly told him that I was traveling  to Ibadan to see my aunt, I tot he believed me o, the next 1 hour he was in my house, he picked up my phone and saw a message of one man that invited me to Ibadan, the man promised me heaven and earth in that message but I just neglected it, that message coupled with the fact that I told him I was going to Ibadan, he concluded that I was going to see the guy, because he lost his job, his house, his dis is that, I was trying to explain that it was simple a coincidence. That I never planned on going anywhere and that I was pulling his legs because i dint want him to come and start spending the little money left that he is surviving on, he didn't listen, he kept on saying all girls are the same, he got angry and left, that was the last time I saw him, two days later he called me that he was leaving the country, that he came to ask about my opinion that day, that was the end o,I didn't forgive myself. ,never did, he was close to being perfect

TILB: Ehyaaa.a that must have really hurt, Anyway its in the past now. Sorry I had to bring this up. Thats why its the hot seat
LISA: Yeah yeah, No probs

TILB: Are you in a relationship
LISA: You know that crazy situation when you discover that your relationship can be best described as a complicated relationship

TILB: How complicated?
LISA: I have tribe issues in my relationship, my only friend is Yoruba and it really freaks me out. My entire family is saying no so i don't know what to do. When they ask are you dating and you say yes, they will be like where is he from and then my mouth freeze. When i say he is from Ogun state they will be like "Ewwwwwww" and Then i will have to spend the next 5 hours listening to different sermons, admonitions and reasons why It wont work. it hurts. I don't know what to do and you know how these things work here in Nigeria, you don't get married alone, your entire family must have a say. So as at now, I am as good as single and in a relationship with myself.

TILB: Define your ideal man. What you really want in a husband
LISA: God fearing ( a true Christian,) calm, understanding, hardworking( at least he should be able to provide for his family) neat (I dislike dirty men) ,and so on

TILB: What are your core values?
LISA: Kindness ,love, respect, loyalty, courage. Lively,boldness, intelligent, And many many

TILB: You are a very beautiful woman. How did you achieve and maintain such a sweet face
LISA: Make up I guess Lolz, dunno jare, dont apply and body cream or anything on my skin, last time I used cream guess I was in jss1, sun makes me dark, staying indoors makes me a bit fair

TILB:  What is your selling point?
LISA: What I have upstairs(my brain and level of intelligence) is my selling point, I read somewhere that most ladies that show off their boobs and ass do so because of low self esteem, they believe that's all they have to offer, when u talk to me one on one u will know that I have a lot to offer too but all comes from my head, I read a lot , great business ideas, great passion for what I do, great advice to give to many, maybe I should be an adviser or counselor already, a lot of people call me for relationship advice, and I doubt if I ve mislead any of them

TILB: Most embarrassing moment
LISA: Was around 18 years or so, dated one guy like that, used to give him money, will buy card for him and so on, was very ill one day like that my parent travelled, my best friend Rose took me to the clinic, the guy called me and told me to meet him At a party, I told him I was sick, a bit rough and not fit for a party, he just said come now, immediately I left the clinic, my friend followed me. We went to the party, a wedding for that matter,i felt like a beggar, I went to one round table where he was seated, in front of many people, he covered his face o, I said Hi, immediately he said Fuck, why are you dressed like this you look like a beggar, I was shocked o, at that point in time it was like the microphone at the wedding stopped working, he stood up and left, people started staring at me,even the bride sef look me, I was embarrassed, so embarrassed I almost died sef, walking out of the reception felt like forever, wen I got outside I saw the guy with one girl for corner, he didn't say bye, he just looked away, fast forward few years later he started begging me to take him back that, infact till date sef, I walked out of the party and out of his life for good, ladies need to know when to draw the curtain no matter how painful it is

TILB: Lets talk about lailasblog. What do you like and hate about Lailasblog
LISA: I call Lailas blog a family blog, it makes me feel at home, used to the people on it, lovely great people, Laila is always working on ways to bring us together, Thumbs up to her, don't hate anything for now
TILB:  Do you have a blog crush?
LISA: Naaaaaaaaaaah

TILB: Anybody you admire?
LISA: I admire our daddy SE, I see him as a role model figure always modest..

TILB: I am planning on hosting a getaway. Would you like to be part of a fun weekend getaway with other lailans at a beach resort?
LISA: Sure would love to

TILB: During the upcoming getaway, Who Would you Date, Marry, Kiss, Slap and Beef?
LISA: Lolz !!! If I must ooo, date Austin (fine guy who wouldn't) marry Kclub ( see him as a husband material 1billion yard) kiss Uncle babs, slap Mr Soul ( come back to d fam) and beef Bonita (she's too intelligent)

TILB: How can Lailans reach personally and patronize you?
LISA: Contact Lizandras concept ( [email protected]) if you need a Website , I can create all types / kinds ( school, marketing any products, Church, business, job etc) and yes there's a discount if you are from Lailas blog,... contact Asap it's quite affordable.

TILB: Any last words
LISA: Lailasblog rocks. I love you guys like mad. Bye

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