GRAPHIC VIDEO: Wildlife park where woman was mauled to death by a tiger had safety issues

Badaling Wildlife World in Beijing allows visitors to drive their own cars safari-style through an enclosure where Siberian tigers roam freely. The visitors are cautioned to remain in their vehicles.

“If you step out of a car in a cage full of tigers, it’s common sense what could happen,” John Goodrich, senior program director for tigers for the conservation group Panthera, told National Geographic on Monday.

That worst-case scenario unfolded at the wildlife park in China on Saturday when a woman left the vehicle following an argument and was quickly dragged away by a Siberian tiger, according to AFP and National Geographic. The woman’s mother then exited the car to help her daughter and was mauled to death.

The woman’s husband also attempted to help but was not injured.

The tiger dragging the woman away from outside the car was captured by a surveillance video. Warning: this video is graphic:

This wasn’t the first tragic incident at Badaling Wildlife World.

From National Geographic:

In fact, the park has had several other safety problems in the past. A security guard who stepped out of a vehicle was killed by a tiger there in 2014. In March, another employee was killed by an elephant. In 2009, a man was killed by a tiger after he scaled a fence and entered an enclosure.

“Lack of awareness and lack of respect for wild animals can sometimes be very expensive, and unfortunately it cost a woman her life,” Luke Dollar, a conservation biologist who runs National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative, told National Geographic.

Dollar said lions and tigers in captive situations often don’t have a healthy fear of people whereas big cats typically scatter when a person on a wild safari exits a vehicle, though that still could be dangerous.

“But captive cats, which may have been around people their entire lives, may be curious when people get out of a vehicle, since that probably doesn’t happen on a regular basis,” Dollar told National Geographic.

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“Clearly it was the woman’s fault,” Goodrich told National Geographic.

“I hope they’re not taking any actions against the tiger.”

The wildlife park has been temporarily closed and the county government stated the incident was under investigation, according to NatGeo.

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