Hello Sweetest Lailans

Today's hot seat Mondays comes with a twist. The beautiful damsel on the hot seat is coincidentally celebrating her birthday today. so we are having a hot seat birthday party for the delectable, sexy, delicious miss Millicent Oguno

TILB: Hello Pretty, Lailans wants to know you
Millicent: My name is Oguno Millicent Abumchukwu, I am from Oraukwu in Idemili North Local government of Anambra state. I studied Biochemistry in Anambra state university Uli campus. I am currently serving my fatherland.

TILB: What was growing up like?
Millicent: Growing up was fun and lovely. I have many siblings so there was always fun and laughter at home. Generally life has been good and i really dont have any real issues growing up

TILB: How do you describe your parents
Millicent: I lost my sweet mum a few years ago to the cold hands of death. My life has not been the same ever since. I loved her because she was my every thing. I miss her every other day. I dont know why good people die young. for now, My Daddy is my rock, he is a very fashionable and handsome young man. You would actually think he is my boy friend if you see us rolling. I am lucky and grateful to have great parents.

TILB: One childhood memory that you wont forget
Millicent: That was the year I failed in class and my mum had to use cane to reset my brain. (laughs) Since then I became focused and today I am celebrated as a smart lady every where I go.

TILB: How do you define beauty and What is the secret of your beauty
Millicent: To me beauty means possession of unique qualities that wows anyone around you. Beauty is not something you can hide. A beautiful person must have a good heart and with a good heart you will treat people better and when you do, love becomes the reaction you will get in return. A pretty face with a mind full of disrespect, hate and negativity does not qualify as beautiful. it is actually superficial. Real beauty goes beyond the face and even the heart, it is an assemblage of unconditional respect, good manners, brains, the right physiognomy, calculated poise, effortless elegance, class, cultured mannerism, proper packaging, unextravagant yet captivating carriage and then an unrepulsive persona. So having these in mind, it would be biased to call my self beautiful. I let others do the observations.

As for how I take care of my self vis a vis "beauty secrets", I  presume that to mean my facial beauty. 

For my body to remain radiant, I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and I try hard to avoid stress, I eat healthy and workout regularly. I also avoid toxic people or people who annoy me often. I dont use chemicals on my skin. I use Vaseline baby jelly on my skin.

TILB: What are your core values
Millicent: My core values are : working hard to earn whatever money I make cos I was raised to avoid freebies at all cost, I try to remain disciplined , confident, respectful and committed to any cause I pursue. My word is my bond so I go the extra mile in doing exactly what I pledge to do.
Also, i have learnt the art of swallowing my pride to ask for forgiveness whenever i find out that my actions/inaction's hurt someone no matter their status.

TILB: What has been the happiest moment in your life
Millicent: I have had a lot of good times and I couldn't wish for more but that being said, I would rather classify my happy moments in that same cadre, as "happy moments". The happiest moment is yet to happen and I cant wait to experience it.

TILB: What was the saddest moment in your life
Millicent: When I lost my mum and when I misplaced a phone a friend gave me to keep. My mums death shattered me and losing someone's expensive phone was equally heart rending. I cried myself silly both occasions

TILB: What major lesson has life taught you
Millicent: Never allowing people to make decisions for me.

TILB: Relationship Status

Millicent: I am single

TILB: What attracts you in a man
Millicent: I have always wanted a God fearing man who is hardworking and disciplined.

TILB: Now let take a detour. What is your opinion on divorce? Would you leave a marriage for any reason?

Millicent: Marriage should be a life time commitment , that's why we have to be careful in choosing a partner. Divorce doesn't make sense to me

TILB: Whats is your selling point?
Millicent: My selling point is my face and my smile. I bet you, when you watch me smile you will bless God for his creation.

TILB: So lets come home, Whats unique about Lailasblog
Millicent: The truth is that ever since you introduced me to Lailasblog, I have remained glued. it is the first site I visit on my browser because I made it my home page. it feel like a nuclear family


TILB: Are you crushing on any blog reader?
Millicent: No but I love most people on the blog. First and foremost I love you Tony and my other brother Uncle Babs. We rock in 99 different languages. Both you guys. I love you Laila, I love Bonita, Oma, Nkechi udeh, Barong, Anwuli, Kemi, Oga SE(thought I have never won anything from his giveaways), Austin, Derrick, Obinna, Ed, Rosemary, Vivienne, Queeneth, Pamela, Zombie, Wilhelmina, Flacko, miz tee,Miss indomie etc. I love every Lailan dearly and do hope Laila can arrange a hookup soon so we can all get to meet.

TILB: I love you too baby. Happy Birthday
Millicent: Thank you

TILB: So where and how are we celebrating?
Millicent: I am in Lagos now so i am celebrating here. I don't have a specific plan but I noticed my friends sneaking around so i know that a sort of surprise is lurking behind the corner somewhere but i dont know where or how yet. they are trying so hard to act normal but I smell something because even the naughty ones are all suddenly acting strangely gentle and indifferent so they gave themselves away. I will keep you guys posted.

So guys there you have it. Our birthday girl is here and She is all yours.
You can reach her at [email protected]

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