Laila's blog is known to be a family. Time after time, we've celebrated our readers because you guys matter to me so much.

It is in this spirit, that a member of our family has agreed to share details of his life and political views with us  on this week's edition of Hot Seat Monday (HSM). I'm talking of none other than our very own Olusoji. I must confess he's a complete gentleman. Read with me and find out what makes him such a rare breed...

TILB: Welcome to Hot seat Mondays dear!
Olusoji: The pleasure is mine

TILB: Can we meet you please? 
Olusoji: Olusoji Akinyemi is my name. I'm from a family of nine. We are now eight. I lost a sister a year ago. I hail from Okitipupa in Ondo State.

TILB: Oh no! So sorry for your loss dear. How long has she been gone now?
Olusoji: Thank you. In four days time, it will be a year.

TILB: I'm sorry
Olusoji: Thanks

TILB: You seem to be quite reserved on the blog. Alot of us would like to know if you're single, married, searching, divorced etc 
Olusoji: I'm single but not searching.

TILB: Oh oh oh some girls are gonna be pissed lol. Being the gentle man that you are, who would you say largely shape you into who you are today? 
Olusoji: There is a man for every woman, and woman for every man. In Adekunle's voice though. My parents and my environment largely shape me into what I have become.

TILB: Interesting! Let's have an insight of  your childhood. What was growing up like and what were your dreams as a child? 
Olusoji: Growing up for me was just there. My parents were busy at a time. So we had to go from house to school and to church and back home.

TILB: Any dream as a child? 
Olusoji: Oh yes! My dream was to be a record label owner. I really love music and was doing everything possible to pursue it. But as I grow older, I fell in love with something else.Still love music though

TILB: Hmm music is a food to the soul .So as an adult now, what do you do for a living? Believe me we wanna demystify you today lol
Olusoji: I'm into teaching sort of. I basically prepare candidates for any examination.

TILB: Oh great. What do you spend most on:Clothes,accessories ,perfumes, underwears or anything else?
Olusoji: I love electronics to a fault. I can go out of my way to buy them.

TILB: I'm not surprised. You are a lover of music. With electronics like that, which 3 Lailans would you likely entertain at your house?
Olusoji: All Lailans are wonderful people. So anyone is most welcome.

TILB: Awesome. If Olusoji inherited or won a billion dollars,what would he do with it?
Olusoji: Such money do not come by. But if I have a million dollars, I will definitely invest part into music business, large sum on real estate and without forgetting to extend hand of love to the less privilege. This would be after I have paid my tithe and tax

TILB: So thoughtful of you. Let's come back to reality, where do you see yourself in the next 5years?
Olusoji: Fulfilling some of my dream. I should be a writer. And more importantly settle down with a woman of my dream.

TILB: Let's come back to Nigerian politics. How would you rate our present legislators and the president since they took over office.
Olusoji: The Nigeria legislators are self centred. They care more about their allowances and benefits. I could not believe my ears when I heard that the senate president was agitating for posh cars for his colleagues in a country where the economy has been bastardized and in a total collapse. Mr president may be slow in his approach but I believe he will surely come out strong and better.

TILB: Turkey is currently boiling as a result of the failed military coup that happened. Is there any chance that Nigeria may ever witness it?
Olusoji: I think Nigeria has really gone past the era the military may want to plant another coup.It is so evident in the practice of our democracy

TILB: Quite a strong conviction there. On a lighter note, tell us something that Lailans would be surprised to know about you?
Olusoji: I am just who I am. I'm a foodie. I like sharing my experiences either in writing or oral.

TILB: Finally, if you're opportuned to meet Laila, what question would you ask her?
Olusoji: I will definitely thank her for her heart of gold. And also to keep the good work of impacting through her blog up.

TILB: Thank you for your time Mr Olusoji and for agreeing to grace our hotseat
Olusoji: The pleasure is mine Bonita

And that concludes our interview with Olusoji. Please ask him questions on the comment section, he'll be there to answer them. See you guys next week with another Lailan celebrity. Cheerio!

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