"Malaria: The Best Disease You Can Get"

"Malaria: The Best Disease You Can Get"

You most certainly have seen them before. In traffic, those pesky people with huge, swollen extremities begging for, as they put it, 'money for treatment' and you most likely shrugged them off or even more drastically, shooed them away thinking goodness knows how they got that. “They must be from a certain part of the country” You mutter to yourself. They must have drunk dirty, muddy water or something. You think to yourself as you try in your head to justify shooing them away.

Have you had malaria before? I’m assuming you were treated and you were up and doing in a week. But next time you have malaria, pause to think about these facts. You were bitten by a mosquito and you got malaria.

That pesky individual we just talked about earlier was bitten by a mosquito too. He was just unlucky to be bitten by the wrong mosquito. – Look at what he got.

What afflicts the aforementioned individual is called Lymphatic Filariasis A.K.A ELEPHANTIASIS and he got it from a mosquito bite.

In fact, it seems the “best” disease you can get from a mosquito right now is MALARIA.

Other diseases spread by mosquitoes include:

Elephantiasis: Characterized by extreme swelling of body parts including but not limited to- Legs, Arms, Head. This disease has no cure and you just have to cope with it. Many people in Nigeria have it and it affects over 120 million people worldwide. Pictures below.

Yellow Fever: This name is widely used in Nigeria to mean something else but the real yellow fever, spread by mosquitoes, is very deadly. What makes this a dreaded disease is the way it damages the liver. It also causes bleeding in the mouth, the eyes and the gastrointestinal tract, making the victim to vomit blood.

Encephalitis: There are different types of this disease, all caused by the mosquito. It is cruel as it is a disease that affects the brain. Different types of this disease present with different symptoms including: complete paralysis of half of the body, mental retardation, weight loss that will not be regained again, neck rigidity, disorientation, coma, tremors, occasional convulsions and spastic paralysis.

Zika: You must have been hearing about this disease in the news lately. This is a disaster of a disease and even scientists don’t know all the effects it has on both adults and children yet. What we do know is that in adults, it causes Headaches, Red eyes, Joints and muscle pain, Fever and Rash. If a woman is in the early trimesters of pregnancy gets the Zika virus, her unborn baby most likely would get it too and the effects on the unborn are devastating. In unborn babies, the virus “eats” up the brain making the child have a tiny brain and a very small head. This condition is called microcephaly. The baby will have several brain related disorders. No vaccine or treatment is available and in the US and several other countries, pregnant women that have Zika virus, are usually counselled to have an abortion as they won’t like the kind of baby they will deliver. In El Salvador where there was a recent outbreak of the disease, women have been advised not to get pregnant till 2018 when the virus might have been brought under control- It’s that bad.

Pictures of a Zika baby below.

So the next time you get malaria, just think deeply about what it could have been and you would want to give a hug and a kiss to that kind mosquito that gave you 'just' malaria.
source: http://laffhub.com/blog/malaria-the-best-disease-you-can-get

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