Osinbajo Explains Why We Will Have To Buy Fuel At N145 For Now

[img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-vE6JH59CuYw/VzYH4UpGTPI/AAAAAAACdAc/6tR70Cev92c0v0dOoG57DnMoyoszngz-QCLcB/s400/O.jpg" width="400">Fellow Citizens:

I have read the various observations about the fuel pricing regime and the attendant issues generated. All certainly have strong points.

The most important issue of course is how to shield the poor from the worst effects of the policy. I will hopefully address that in another note.

Permit me an explanation of the policy. First, the real issue is not a removal of subsidy. At $40 a barrel there isn't much of a subsidy to remove.
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Posted By cheatmaster On 05:00 Fri, 13 May 2016

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