Woman Almost Killed Herself After Discovering Mother Was Raped By Her Grandfather

A woman, who discovered that she was conceived as result of rape, has revealed a horrific family secret that almost killed her.

Four years Jodi Cahill, from Melbourne, Australia, has received a horrifying letter from her mother where she confessed that they shared the same father.

Four years ago, Jodi Cahill found her she and mother shared the same father. She developed anorexia and now she is speaking out to help others
After three decades of abuse Cahill’s mother plucked up all her courage to tell that she was raped by her own father at gunpoint and Jodi is her grandfather’s daughter.

This stomach turning discovery drove young woman into deep depression and even gave her suicidal thoughts.

“She virtually said “it’s about time I told you the truth of who your father was… you and I share the same father”, and I was like “what?” I was so in shock and disgusted. That night I tried to jump off a bridge. I didn’t know what to do with the news. Everything that happened when I was little really made sense to me.

She was always in and out of hospital. She only told someone about it about 10 years ago. I just thought she was always mental and the way she treated me, I just couldn’t just understand any of it. She threatened to kill me with a gun once. She told the police she had a gun and she was coming for me.

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