Ali Baba Pours Encomium On RMD, Outlines 20 Things He Learnt From Him

Ali Baba Pours Encomium On RMD, Outlines 20 Things He Learnt From Him

Ace comedian, Ali Baba took to his Instagram page to praise actor, Richard Mode-Damijo.

He said despite the fact that it comes a time in the indutsry when the younger ones start taking over, that RMD has still remained relevant. He wrote;

"What makes you relevant? What gives you that consistency that keeps you in reckoning in an industry where your career is a time capsule that can be swallowed up by generational shifts? How do you go away from an industry for 8 years, come back into the industry and continue like you never left? How do you own a space and only you can fill it? What is it that some are not doing right, even though they are busy in the industry? What are those things that hinder your relevance in an unforgiving atmosphere where you slip and your career goes to sleep? These are a few things I have learnt from this man @mofedamijo. It would take an hour to teach but let me mention some. 1. Know yourself. 2. Identify your strengths. 3. Reduce your weaknesses. 4. Understand the industry and know where the bodies are buried. 5. Continuously improve you. 6. Talent is not enough. 7. Be a good person. 8. Be dynamic. A stagnant river is as good as a dry well. 9. Apply your talents in every way you can. 10. Take care of you. 11. Put your best in anything you do. 12. Be soooooo loved for the things you do so well and when you falter, those value propositions will stand in for your failings. 13. Be sooooooo good that you inspire your competition. Be their target to surpass. 14. Let your work speak for you. 15. Be ready to share your experiences with protégés so that they can add what you know to what they know and be better -Amaka Igwe 16. Be as real as they come. 17. Build lasting relationships. Network and connect with people and institutions that will enhance your value. 18. Cut off people who don't add value. 19. Opportunities don't knock anymore. If it doesn't knock, book an appointment. If opportunity is busy, gate crash. 20. Make sacrifices. With these few points of mine, I present the man #RMD... living legend"

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