Design Graduate Builds Gun That Transforms Your Tears Into Bullets (photo)

A young designer named Yi-Fei Chen has created a ‘Tear Gun’ that transforms your tears into bullets.

According to, bottling of thoughts, biting one’s tongue regularly and having to uphold unquestionable respect were what inspired Yi-Fei.

Chen was born in Taiwan, where she was brought up with a strong sense of authority and taught that disagreeing with teachers was rude.

Because of this, she struggled to question her tutors when she came to the Netherlands to study for
her masters degree.

After years of suppressing emotions to avoid rudeness, her design is the literal expression of her internal struggle to speak her mind.

The ‘Tear Gun’ works by catching tears under the wearer’s eye with a silicon pocket. They are then funnelled into a steampunk-like brass system. A small bottle filled with dry ice fixed to the back of the pistol freezes the teardrops into solid bullets, ready to be fired into the face of authority.

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