How To Approach A Beautiful Girl Walking Towards You On The Street. strictly for guys

Most guys only approach girls that they believe
are �in their league�.
These are the girls you think you �deserve�, for
whatever reason. Maybe it�s the way you look,
how much money you have, how big your
muscles are� everyone has their hang ups, and
it�s usually how you decide where your �league�

Because you feel you deserve to talk to a girl that
is well within your league, you approach more
confidently, assuming that they will be receptive
and friendly to a guy that is also �in their league�.

So what happens when you see that beautiful girl
in the high street? The girl that is very much �out
of your league�? Well, if you�re on a coaching
session with me, then you�ll get physically
assaulted if you DON�T approach (half-joke), so
off you go to approach this beautiful girl.

But you think this girl WILL NOT want to talk to
you because you believe you are out of her
league, but in the wrong direction. So you
approach timidly, apologetically and weakly. And
she says she has to go. And you think it is
because hotter girls are bitchier and harder to talk

Well, I have news for you. And it�s the biggest
well kept secret of attracting women.

The opposite is true.
Some of the friendliest, nicest girls I have ever
met have been absolutely beautiful.

So why did that beautiful girl not want to talk to
Simple � beautiful girls are the same as everyone
else � they don�t want to spend much time talking
to people of lower value.

Think you�re different? How often do you stop
and chat to a tramp? Not often I bet.

Now I�m not saying you�re a tramp in this girl�s
eyes, but a confident, busy beautiful women isn�t
going to want to stop and chat to a weak
apologetic man.

That isn�t attractive.
What IS attractive is when a guy approaches her
confidently and UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

If you can do this � if you can approach her in the
same way you would approach a less attractive
girl, then she will definitely want to stop and talk
to you.

Once you get over this hurdle you will, to your
surprise, that in most cases the more beautiful
she is, the friendlier and happier she is.

That means, once you get over your initial fear of
approaching superhot girls, you will find them
EASIER to pick up than less attractive ones. This is
the biggest, number one secret of attracting
women that is only known by men who have
worked it out by themselves, by being the few
bold men who actually approach the really hot
ones that noone else approaches.

And why is this?

Well, beautiful woman have less insecurities and
hang ups about the way they look. They are
more confident, and as such usually have a
happier and healthier outlook on life. Because of
this, they will be much more receptive to an
honest and direct approach from a confident man
than a less attractive girl.
A less attractive girl might not trust that the man
is being genuine. She doesn�t think she is that
attractive, or more attractive than all the beautiful
girls she has walked past that day�. so �why is
this man approaching me? What does he REALLY

Where as a hotter girl will believe you. She
knows she�s hot � but she is impressed with the
ONE guy who has the balls to come up to her on
the street and tell her with complete confidence.

The guy that has learnt the secret of attracting
women from this site
This is why me and Yad think it is SO
IMPORTANT that you approach girls you really
fancy, and not just girls you think you have the
best chance with. Because this mindset will often
limit your chances, and the reality is often very

Next time you see a girl you think is out of your
league, don�t think, just approach her. Go all out �
100%. Be confident, be bold � and you might be
surprised by the reaction you get.

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Attracting Women Is That Beautiful Girls
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